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Thirteen Tips to Make Cleaning Less of Chore

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I despise cleaning. With a house full of kids and dogs there is constantly a flood of messes. So the thought of spending an hour, two hours, three hours cleaning just seriously drags me down. So recently i started a new thing – cleaning in spurts. Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of time cleaning everything I use a small period of time to complete one task. For example, I race to empty the dishwasher before my toast pops up. Or during a commercial break wipe down all the counters. I have found that cleaning in spurts has really decreased my dread of cleaning. I have found my house is cleaner now that it was since I don’t always put it off. I used to to dread cleaning and so never start. Now I just do a bit at a time throughout the day and the week, and it gets done in the end.


I have tried hard to find what aspects will make cleaning easier and less of a pain. Here are a few things I’ve found to help speed the process:

1. Place Disinfectant wipes in each bathroom and the kitchen. Having them nearby makes you more likely to put them to use.

2. Have a trash can or small trash bag in each room. That way you can toss things easily without having to walk across the house.

3. Clean where you already are. You kids in the tub? – wipe down the counter and wash the mirrors while they play with their toys. Microwaving lunch? – do the dishes until the bell rings. Watching TV? – Vacuum during the commercials

4. Have a bin or basket at the base of the stairs. Each time you find an item that belongs up stairs drop it in the basket. Then next time you go upstairs grab the bin and bring it up. It will only take a minute to put them all away instead of 20 trips up and down the stairs.

5. Set a timer. Race yourself and see how much you can do in 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Or use an activity as your timer – the food in the microwave, the commercial break, etc.

6. Drop extra trash bags in the bottom of your can. When you take out the garbage you have the next bag already on hand – no need to go find one.

7. Turn on the clothes washer before your favorite show starts. By the time the show is over the washer will be done and you can toss them in the dryer.

8. Make toy pick-up part of the bedtime routine. It feels great to come downstairs in the morning to a clean floor. In between pajamas and brushing teeth have every member of the family grab ten things and put them away. It’s fast and gets the job done.

9. Keep a full set of cleaning supplies upstairs and downstairs. All the chemicals, sponges, brushes, and paper towels should be in each location. Store them in a bucket or carrier. That way you just grab the container and off you go, and no need to lug them up and down the stairs.

10. Clean the Shower before you jump in. Spray down the walls while you grab and towel and such. Take a few minutes to wipes down the walls, then rinse and jump in. It only takes a minute and keeps the shower much cleaner.

11. Be organized. If everything has a home its easier to put away and keep it out of your way.

12. Turn on the music. If you are going to clean longer than a few minutes crank up the music. You can dance and sing your way through the chores. If you whistle while you work you’ll find you finish much quicker.

13. Use fresh scents. Nothing makes a house seem cleaner than wonderful fresh scents. Light a candle, Spray some air freshener, or use fabric fresheners to make the house smell clean. Smells do magic to the mind.


Hopefully putting these tips into practice will make your cleaning less of a chore. Less work spent cleaning means more time for the fun things in life.

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