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My Travel Bucket List

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I have traveled a lot in my life, but not matter what I do I always have somewhere else I want to travel to. Recently I was talking to a friend about our travel Bucket Lists. A travel bucket list is a list of places you want to visit before you die. Now for me I’ve already visited many of the places I had on my list before – such as Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, France, and Germany. But I am constantly discovering new places I would like to visit. Here is a look at a few of the ones on my list now.

1. New Zealand – rugged mountains and dramatic landscape, what can be better? I’d love to explore all the volcanoes and hike the mountains. Not to mention my sister in law lives there.

2. – Kefalonia – a beautiful island off Greece with some amazing scenery. I’d love to relax on the beach and enjoy the view. Talk about a hidden paradise – discover it at Kefalonia.co.uk

3. Tokyo Disney – what can I say, I’m a huge Disney fan! I wouldn’t really ever travel to Japan except for Disney, but I really want to visit every park in my lifetime.

4. Kenya – the wildlife draws me to Africa, and the scenery in Kenya is amazing. I’d love to take a safari and see the majestic animals in the wild.

5. England – the history draws me in. I’d love to visit the castles and historic locations, not so much the cities. Maybe sneak over to Scotland while I am there.

6. Vermont – closer to home but never been. I’m missing the entire New England stretch if you can believe that. I’d love to see the fall colors and revel in the scenery.

7. Switzerland – I almost made it there when we lived in Germany. I would love to see the Matterhorn and hike around its base.

8. Tour de France – I’ve been to France but missed the Tour. I am truly a cycling fanatic and watching the tour live is a dream

As you can see I am not a city girl at all. I prefer nature and peace to the hustle and bustle of the city. Only the tour and Disney would involve actually being around people. These trips may be a pipe dream but hey, a girl can dream can’t she? So what are your dream locations? Have you crossed any off your bucket list yet?

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