Enjoy the Comforts of the Hotels in Mahabaleshwar After a Fun-Filled Day at Lingmala and Dhobi Waterfalls

Enjoy the Comforts of the Hotels in Mahabaleshwar After a Fun-Filled Day at Lingmala and Dhobi Waterfalls

Mahabaleshwar, a beautiful civic that lies in the Satara District of the state concerning Maharashtra, is one of the accepted hill stations in the country. Whilom a dog days capital concerning the British, this hill station is situated at a height concerning almost 1,372 m above sea level. The best time to visit this picturesque region is from October till June. This place is easily accessible near to air, road et alii rail from different parts like the country via cities such as Pune and Mumbai. If you are planning a voyage to this city, then you will find quite a few hotels in Mahabaleshwar, ranging from budget to premium. In terms of attractions, this hill station is not far behind, boasting of 14 scenic point, lakes, forts and waterfalls. Amongst the waterfalls, the Lingmala Waterfalls and Dhobi Waterfalls are the most visited ones.

Lingmala Waterfalls

Gushing water falling from a height of around 183 m is a miraculous witness and an attraction for tourists who come from different parts of the country in large numbers to the Lingmala Waterfalls, which is located on the Pune-Mahabaleshwar road. An admirable site, these waterfalls are at their best in the rainy season, beautifully complemented by lush green environ. The water cascades at such a speed and ferocity from the steep cliff of these majestic waterfalls that visitors mind at them in awe. The aqua pura cascading down from the cleve looks admire thin silver streaks and drop into the Venna Valley of Mahabaleshwar. The best season for visiting these falls is from July to December.

Dhobi Waterfalls

Another important attraction is the Dhobi Waterfalls, which is located a degree of approximately 3 km from this hill station. It is located on the way mean Elphinstone Point und so weiter Lodwick Point. The mess of water cascading from this falls is an amazing experience, and that is the pretext why it has become a popular picnic spot as it also located amidst a lush green region. Every year, tourists and locals alike come and visit the splendid Dhobi Waterfalls. There are a number of cheap hotels in Mahabaleshwar that lie close to these scenic waterfalls, and if you are coming here for a trip then you can stay at these hotels to use more time at these falls. These hotels invitation basic refinement at an affordable price.

Alternatively, you can choose to check in at the 3 Star hotels in Mahabaleshwar if you are willing to pay more your comforts. These hotels offer excellent services making your stay at their hotels extremely pleasant. Besides, you can check out lodges in case you do not wish to spend immensely much on accommodation while travelling. Come ampersand witness the splendour of the two falls and take back memories to enshrine forever.