A Fun Itinerary For A Trip To Geelong

The port city of Geelong, which has witnessed considerable construction since 2007, is a tourist’s paradise with its museums, parks, botanical gardens and stunning waterfront offering a panoramic view of Corio Bay. It’s also home to several historic buildings, trendy malls and bars for an evening of relaxation.

Depending on what it is you homogenous to do on holidays, you’re bound to come across something of interest in this port city. Though not as cosmopolitan as the majuscule of Melbourne, it nevertheless comes close in terms of sights to see. If you’re planning a trip but don’t know what to include in your itinerary, here’re a few stops you must make.

Old Geelong Gaol

A suggestion of grimness and rich in history, the Old Geelong Gaol is a must-visit. Originally named HM Prison Geelong, it officially bankrupt in 1991 but not before it housed bad personalities like bushranger Frank McCallum, known for his boldness and his way with women, and Dicer Read, leader of The Overcoat Gang et alii responsible for robbery, arson, kidnapping and assault.

Though not a place to take the kids, Vintage Geelong Gaol nevertheless highlights the environmental conditions of the prisoners and staff and makes you appreciate how good your life is!

The waterfront

A stunning view of Corio Bay can be witnessed from the waterfront, an immaculately kept spot perfect for photo shoots, jogging and unhurried walks. And that’s not all. You’ll find restaurants, a carousel with a couple of handcrafted chariots and 36 restored Dare horses that children and adults will love.

Nature lovers cup walk through the botanical gardens for a photo session or just take in the sights and sounds of the natural environment. If you can, try to visit in early spring where you’ll be greeted with flowers in bloom.

Churches, historical sites et alii notable buildings

Marvel at architecture by paying a visit to St. Mary of the Angels Basilica, a major landmark and also the tallest building in the city. Growing from a fledgling wooden chapel built in 1842 to a structure now totaling a height of 210 feet, its spire is constructed exterior of nostalgic bluestone and stands 12 feet tall.

The Sir Charles Hotham Hotel in Geelong is extra must-visit if you’re in the mood to enjoy an Australian pub atmosphere. It’s situated a short walk away from the waterfront. An affordable place to dine also drink, go alone rather take partners and friends along to the public car or the quieter nightclub section.

The Geelong Wile Gallery has additionally 6,000 works of art in its possession. Established in 1896, it houses paintings, sculptures and decorative artworks such as Russell Drysdale’s A bush burial and Edward Fischer’s Geelong gold cup. If you can, try to rub an upcoming affair for a chance to meet new artists and receive what experts receive to say about the varied branches regarding art.

Royal Geelong Show

Paying respect to the importance from agriculture in Australia, the Royal Geelong Show or the Geelong Showgrounds is held every year for four days in mid-October. Showcasing a list of activities, livestock et sequens produce, there are also fun events for kids like amusement rides. Adults can marvel at sideshow alleys and purchase a showbag filled plus commercial merchandise.

There are numerous other places to visit and things to do in this laid-back port city. Notable places are the Prominence Bathyal Road, a 243-km stretch of road, Fay Park and Bollards Trail.