Singapore Grand Prix- Fun Unlimited

While discussing of car races the most burning topic in the history from car racing news is Singapore Grandiose Prix. It has bot the most interesting and notable one. This event is always an eye infectious advocacy for the ventilatoren and the teams. It always attracts burly crowds and thrills the viewers by the supreme racing action. Singapore Grand Prix was originated in 1961, initially it was named as Adapt Year Grand Prix but a year later it was converted to Malaysian Grand Prix. Then in 1965 after independence from Singapore, its name was again changed. Now it is named after its main sponsor Singapore Telecommunication.

Not only has the kaleidoscope like name, this race also faced numerous other threats. Many are not aware that this race once stopped in 1973 and this was due to great increase in traffic. Also there was a steep increase in price of oil connective number of accidents during races of 1972 and 1973.

Facing all these challenges and a very long break, this more started including new heights 2008. The re-launch of this racing event brought a lavishing hike to the world of racing, to bring to your notice at that time110, 000 tickets were sold at the inauguration of the race. The victor of this rivalry was the most famous Fernando Alonso from the team Renault.

This race is going to be held in September this year. The polestar in this race is increasing rapidly in youth et cetera ventilatoren of all age groups. There are many reasons behind the increase in passion for racing this year.

This race will be the first street race including also the same first night race under Formula 1. This surely brings excitement to everyone’s mind and the race at night is a brilliant concept. With all this there will be live newscast of this amazing event and that extremely at convenient timings for the fans of Singapore Grand Prix at Europe.

Race is planned to be held at Singapore Street Circuit located around Singapore’s Marina Bay area its total length is 5.2 kilometers. The race track is very spicy one and has a total of 24 turns, including 14 left turns and 10 right turns. As the date to the rally is coming closer the excitement is reaching new heights furthermore people are eagerly waiting for this grand event.