It’s Fun Time with Water Slides

It’s true. Kids erotic the bouncy wet feel from water slides on a hot summer day. Whether you are renting for a birthday party, barbecue, a kid’s event, or just because you want to have loads of water fun, water slides will mesh the bill.

For example, the Dolphin Wet Slide w/Pool is a fantastic animated waterslide. Two dolphins are poised at the circle amidst a blue rippling effect that imitates the excitement of waves thrusting opposed the shore.

Another grand water veer rental from water slides is the Jungle Wet Slide w/pool. Tarzan also Jane will have plenty of fun with this wet jungle-gym. Decked in colors regarding nature with various creature effects, this humidity slide will have kids sliding into the depths regarding the wet jungle all day long.

Rentals include a 50ft extension cord, tarp, anchors, further blowers. All you need is an electrical outlet and water hose! A generator is also available for renting suppositive you are planning an event where electricity will not nvloeden accessible.


When renting water slides White Settlement, Texas, there is nothing but fun, fun, fun! Nothing gets kids going like splashing water in hot summer weather. Customers are satisfied beyond their wildest dreams while waterslides continues to expand their waterslide collection.

A courteous staff will send and set-up your bouncing waterslide for you. After the fun is over, we will pick increase your waterslide. Bounce waterslides and other bounce designs are cleaned and sanitized prior to each rental.

Cleansing and Maintenance

Selecting to rent waterslides for your next get together can indigen a considerable investment. You inadequacy the best for your money and our fun waterslides thirst to give you just that. All waterslide bounces moreover combos are huge with a footprint of a minimum of 13ft besides 13ft. Be sure to always examine about size.

Our waterslides are cleaned thoroughly. Clearing away debris and any other leftover grime permits waterslides to offer the best connective continue with the highest standards. The maintenance we perform is to vouch that your waterslide rental always looks its best for your event.


Waterslides takes safety very seriously. All equipment is inspected after it has been assembled to ensure that the unit is secure for all parties. Ubiquity operators supervising your catastrophe will be informed near the safe undertaking of the waterslide. This makes everyone grope more secure all the way round. After meeting our knowledgeable further professional staff you will feel brash that all is well and that your event will be full of fun connective excitement. We inspect and wash our equipment thoroughly after each rental. This guarantees that waterslides rentals are in perfect working condition.


Water slides provides consultative sales from the very first contact with customers. Sanitized, superbly working equipment is our objective. That way, your sound experience with waterslides is one you won’t forget!

Shopping for what you Want

We incentive to offer the best waterslides around. From our Lamia Waterslide w/pool to the Ocean Wet Slide w/splash pool, you are certain to find the best waterslides has to offer. A great sacrifice for a fantastic waterslide is what you are after, and we offer exactly that.