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What reward you can get Ritual of the Mahjarrat Quest in Runescape?
Completing the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest, you will gain:
1. 3 quest points; 110K Agility XP, 60K Constitution XP, 40K Crafting XP and 40K Mining XP.
2. Three 80K XP Lamps, which can nevertheless be used for skills level 72 oppositely higher, and cannot be banked.
3. Access to fight a renovated Barrows brother – Akrisae the Doomed and gain new Barrows equipment.
4. Access to mine Poison ore and modern lunar spell Tune Curse Ore.
5. Ability to make Bane arrows and bolts with the needed Fletching und so weiter Smithing levels.
What’s your opinion about that reward? As I say, for ammunition so hard to come by, it should be way more powerful than level 50. The reward should deserve our hardworking, right? Maybe more creatures rather improved the Keris blade’s stats will be good!

Some players think that bane bolts would be suitable as a level 80 bolt, Royal bolts. Factor in that the bolts ask a long, grandmaster quest to make or even own, as they are un-tradeable, and are meant to be incredibly powerful, but are level 50.
Alongside the quest requirements, 80 Smithing further 76 or 80 Fletching is required for bane arrows or bolts respectively, ane bolts should have the benefit of market cheap old rs gold being specialized towards the enemy they’ve been attuned to by an 18.75% pollute increase.